3 Tips From a Professional Handyman

A couple of weeks back, I hired a professional handyman to get a few lingering tasks done. I could have done them myself but I believe an expert would be able to handle it better than me. For example, I had to change my kitchen sink and for some reason, I really do not believe in me when it comes to plumbing. I tried fixing a pipe once and I ended up damaging it more. Since then, I really have lost confidence in my plumbing abilities. Also, several windows in my house were painted shut. Trust me, I tried almost everything to get them unstuck but to no avail. So, I called the handyman to help me fix the tasks on my list. I had a coupon so it was not that expensive. Also, I had some shows to binge, he was really helping me save that time for the much needed Netflix exercise.

Not only did he fix everything on my list but he also gave me some tips for the common problems we all face in our homes daily. I thought I should share this with everyone. Here it is then.

Hanging Curtains

I am not really sure but I am really good using power tools but can’t hang curtain rods at a level height. If you too suffer from the same, this tip may be very useful to you.

If you want your curtains to puddle, measure from the floor or do it otherwise. Smart, right? This way, you can figure out the perfect height for your curtain rod based on their length. Another tip that he gave me was do not use windows as a measuring factor. Often, windows are not level, especially in older homes. That is why people find themselves in trouble when they measure out the trim according to the windows. Instead, figure out where you want your rod and draw a straight line. Trust no one but your measurement skills.

Sink Disposal


You might have seen the advertisements from garbage disposals making big claims like a whole watermelon can be ground in it. But should you? The handyman says no.

That is because even though garbage disposals say they can grind up all types of things, it is understandable that some things are easier than the others. Theoretically, you can grind the watermelon in there, but that will only damage the blades and wear them out. Also, just because it can grind a watermelon doesn’t mean it will be able to get through the pipes. For instance, once I ground eggshells in the disposal but they got stuck in the pipe. I had to call an Emergency Plumber in Cheltenham and since then I throw the shells in the compost bin.

Here is how you should use disposal:


  • Only let liquid or small things into disposal that are easy to grind. If something can be picked up, put it in the trash.
  • Whenever using the disposal, keep the water on. Before running the disposal, let the water run for 10-15 seconds so that whatever is in the pipe is cleared out.
  • In about 20-30 days put some ice cubes in the disposal and let the water run till the cubes ground up. This not only cleans the blades but also sharpens them.
  • Do not put grease or fat down the drain. It solidifies and clogs the pipes. Rather, drain the grease into a towel and let it solidify before throwing it in the bin.

Unstick Windows

I am a true DIYer. You know that amazing feeling when you do something all by yourself without any help from an expert. That is what I am after usually. But sometimes it is better to take help from a professional than risk damaging it further. That is why I hired a handyman to unstick my windows.

He told me that most people when trying to unstick push the window up. Instead, the right way is to push it downwards. Yes, down! Score around the edge of the window with a knife. This breaks any paint seal which may have been created when the windows were painted the last time. He then took a rubber mallet and hit the meeting rail of the window downwards. A few huffs and puffs on the rail with the mallet and the window opened right up. I was astonished to see that it was a simple 10-minute task that I have been trying to do for weeks. A hack that I so loved that I felt I must share it with all of you.

Let me know if you found these tips useful.


Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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