6 Best Dog Movies That Every Dog Lover Must Watch

Dogs are amazing creatures. No one can make me think otherwise. They can be your best friend, your emotional support dog and even a sibling who you can play with. And if you are here reading this blog then you probably hold the same opinion. Cheers to that!

Now I don’t own a dog yet because of my work schedule but I love to feel their cheerful spirits and selfless love by watching almost all the dog movies ever made. It’s like my perfect pastime. A bowl of nachos and a dog movie, nothing can match it. If you are a dog lover like me, you should be watching these movies too. You can even get your dog by your side and call it a movie night. Also observe their reactions, they’ll be worth recording.

So while you are binging on your favorite Netflix shows, make some space for these classic dog movies that every dog lover must watch.

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

This animated Disney movie is an amazing piece of art considering it was made in the mid 1900s. It’s a classic love story of a rich lady, here a cocker spaniel named Lady, who falls in love with a stray dog referred to as Tramp. The entire movie captures the developing love story between these two dogs which includes some very romantic scenes like date nights with a shared spaghetti noodle and conflicts with a dog catcher. But ultimately the two reach their happy ending and raise a family of four puppies.

It has a live action adaptation which was made in 2019. You can also watch this remake after you watch the original movie.

101 Dalmatians

I’m sure you must have heard of the infamous dog movie, 101 Dalmatians. I loved this movie when I first watched it and still do. It’s one of the reasons why I named my first pet dog Lucky.

The movie is every bit of fun and thrill. We learn about the villain named Cruella De Vil (because she’s cruel and a devil. Get it?) who is trying to get hold of a litter of dalmatian puppies to use their fur for her overcoats. But the puppies are able to trick her and run free with the help of other dogs and animals. It’s interesting to watch literally 101 dalmations on a screen at a time.

This movie has had many renditions since its first release. So you choose the animated one or the live adaptation starring Jeff Daniels, Jeoly Richardson and 101 dalmatian puppies.


Beethovan isn’t just another dog movie. It went on to become a favorite among the people to a point where it has had 7 sequels since it’s release in 1992. So you are up for a treat.

Start your binge with the first movie. It stars a furry St. Bernard named Beethovan who lives with the Newton family. He helps all the members with their issues and becomes a favorite. But one day they come in contact with an evil veterinarian who experiments on dogs. He tricks the family into giving Beethovan up for euthanization. But soon they find out and rescue their beloved dog.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Put a pause on your Money Heist episode and move over to Hachi if you haven’t watched it already. In my opinion it’s one of the best dog movies ever made. Here’s a spoiler, it does not have a happy ending. That’s what makes it an emotional rollercoaster. I’m choking just by writing about it.


What makes it even more emotional is that it is inspired by true events of a dog named Hachiko. So I won’t give you the details, just go watch it and remember to keep some paper tissues handy.

Old Yeller

Another tragic dog movie that marks its name as a successful Walt Disney productions. It will leave you teary eyed for sure. Old Yeller is the name of a lab retriever mix dog who is found by Travis Coates. While initially Travis disliked the dog but with time they developed a very strong relationship. Old Yeller helped the family with daily chores and kept them safe from harm. But one day the family hears about the plague of rabies that is spreading like wildfire. Soon the dog gets the disease too and it gets very tragic very soon.

Marley and Me

If you are looking for something light that ends in a happy ending, you have got to watch the Jennifer Anisten and Owen Wilson starrer Marley and Me. They started with taking care for a labrador named Marley (yes, it’s named after Bob Marley) to test their parenting skills and soon had three kids and a lot of financial and personal troubles. All the while they forget about Marley only to realize later how special he is.


So are you ready to binge on the best dog movies you’ll ever see? I hope you are. So pick what interests you the most and press start. Happy binging!

Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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