Hurry! 5 Ways To Increase Muscle Strength Like A Professional

Hurry! 5 Ways To Increase Muscle Strength Like A Professional

A lot of times our body goes through a change in chemistry. Sometimes, it’s a rapid change such as mood swings, while other times, the change is more time taking like weight loss. During the transformation, there is a modification of muscles, glands and hormones. One of the dominant hormones in the male body is called testosterone. It’s also present in the female but in low quantity. It plays an important role in fitness, health and overall sense of well-being. Which means when the count of testosterone is too low in the body, in such cases, you might feel a loss of muscle mass, or loss of body hair.

High testosterone levels can cause liver disease, increase risk of heart attack, insomnia, headaches and mood swings, etc.

Note, you’d need a good muscle building strategy to gain maximum benefits from the workout you are performing. In fact, testosterone can help you achieve better results. Check these testosterone boosters for your muscle and strength training program.

Boost Muscle Building

When you are maximizing your muscle, you’d need to load more proteins in your body. So, the larger a muscle grows, the more protein it needs – this is called protein synthesis.

Body continuously consumes it for making hormones and other uses. Therefore, you need to ‘build and store’ it faster. Take at least 50-56 grams of protein per day. You can load it via beef sandwich, eggs, a glass of milk, peanuts, etc. Then split the remaining daily count of calories between carbohydrates and fats. Do not avoid taking proteins before bed or prior to working out.

Resistance Exercise

One of the effective ways to increase your muscle strength is by performing resistance exercise training. Building muscles needs a lot of variation, resistance exercise is usually done with free weights or weight machines. Exercise like sprints on ergometer at high resistance will help you develop strength, power and body mass. In addition, you’d need to load more calories in your system.

Aim High 

Muscles are made of proteins. They are constantly broken down and rebuilt. To increase your muscle strength, you’d need to put them under more challenges. For example: you can leverage multi-joint movement. Although, you might have heard about isolation training. Yet, it cannot be the backbone of your muscle training blueprint.

Instead, work big, do exercises that challenge multiple joints and muscles. Let’s suppose you want to work out on biceps, lats and abs all at once. In such a case, it’s a good idea to go for a dumbbell row. Using more than one muscle group you will be able to lift more weight.

Weight Training 

Building muscle strength is possible only when you train heavy. That said, ensure that you stay safe and take all precautionary measures. Challenging yourself with heavy muscle training will help you develop muscle eccentrically. When don’t right, heavy weight will cause greater muscle tear and rebuilding.

High-rep sets will provide you with value, but don’t be afraid to add multi-joint exercises. Certainly, avoid doing extraordinary counts of reps. At first, take it slow, gradually increase the weight and add more reps. A way to achieve results is to do 4 sets of 3-5 reps first, then 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Always Heavy, Fails! 

Human body is like a machine, yet it doesn’t mean you workout to the point of fatigue and exhaustion. When you train every day with heavy weights, your body doesn’t get a chance to rest enough. So, instead of aiming for more weight, finish every workout with a good feeling. Limit your workout if you have to and never go beyond 12-16 sets.

A brutal workout might take you to a breaking point. Apart from that, it also negatively affects your heart and joints.

Wrapping Up

The result comes when you mix proper exercise, rest and diet. As much as you should be mindful about pre-workout diets, pay attention to the post-workout meals as well. A banana, sports drink or a peanut-butter sandwich seem to be a good idea. Sometimes, you might want to quit doing workout, during such times, look into the mirror and remember why you started in the first place. Also, in case you feel a lack of energy during a workout, take protein shake before hitting the gym.

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