Inspirational Washroom Styles for 2022

Inspirational Washroom Styles for 2022

It is quite interesting to give an updated look to your washroom. Upgrading is all about the new structures, new materials, and new ideas. Certain bolder trends are quite temporary and do not last long. But, you will also find certain trends that turn into a timeless look.

If you wish to upgrade your washroom, then you might be looking for certain recent trends for 2022. Here, I will be discussing the latest washroom trends that will help you upgrade your washroom.

Sculptural Taps and Curved Showers

Sculptural Taps and Curved Showers

These washroom taps have been becoming more elegant and graceful over recent years. This year the tap designs are in the spotlight. Classy tap heads are the most recent trend of the year. These taps will be a great choice for enhancing the look of your washroom.

Curved showers are becoming customers’ first choice. Replacement of square showers to the archy ones has been perfect for bringing visual touch to the washrooms. These showers are also perfect for a compact washroom. If you are planning to change your old shower, then I would recommend that you go for archy shapes recesses because they are great at supplementing the whole look.

Spa and Sauna Spaces

The spa isn’t itself a new thing, but post covid, people have started transforming their home washrooms into spas. A washroom is a place for retreat and self-care. If you want to add an element of relaxation to your washroom, transform your bathroom into a spa.

To transform the washroom into a spa it is important to have access to the proper heat source. Make sure that your washroom is spacious enough to make this happen.

Precious Marble Stones and Finger Tiles

Precious Marble Stones and Finger Tiles

Marble is the most decorative stone to use in the washroom. Always use marble instead of tiles. There is a great demand for onyx effect tiles. These titles offer beautiful detailing to the washroom. Further, it comes in great vibrant colors from dramatic green and pink colors to subtle tones.

Try going for the green and pink combos while selecting marbles for your marbles. Both these colors have a pleasing effect. This will add depth and texture to your washroom. Further, it will have a calming effect on the eyes.

If you wish to use tiles in place of marble, then finger tiles are the best choice. It adds a very organic pattern to your washroom. These titles are very appealing and calming to the eyes.

Add Art In The Washroom

You might be wondering how someone can use art to decorate their washroom. Well, art is a recent trend to enhance the beauty of your washroom. Nowadays, people are decorating washrooms just like they decorate their living rooms. Use large prints if you have enough space on your washroom walls.

You can also add jungle motifs to your washroom. Motif bathroom wallpapers are becoming trendy these days. If you are fond of wildlife, then it is best to go for a wild, panoramic view on the plain wall of the washroom. This kind of wallpaper will add a natural feeling to your washroom.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

You can also use indoor plants in your washroom. They make the washroom environment refreshing. If you still can’t figure out the location of your indoor plant in the washroom, I would recommend you hang a plant next to the shower and in the window.

Further, you can place the plant on your vanity. Make sure you choose the right plant which can adjust in the low light. Here, you can go with the ferns. They are the best option for the washroom as they come in different varieties. You can choose any of them according to your choice.

Soft Fabrics and Lightning

Always prefer low-toned fabrics for your washroom. You can simply use window treatments and roller blinds to cover your windows. Bathroom curtains and light fabrics are a big trend this year. Further, it makes the space more softer and calming to the eyes.

Lights enhance the beauty of the washroom so select lighting wisely. Choose yellow lighting for your washroom. You can also hang a chandelier in a washroom. But make sure that the chandelier is 6 feet above the floor. Keep it away from the water source.

Ask your plumber to check all the fitting. You might not be able to identify the leakage issue. I was also planning to install lighting in my washroom but then my contractor discovered the leakage issue. I had to call Emergency Plumber in Cheltenham and got the leakage issue fixed. In just a few hours they replaced the pipe. They were quite quick in their service.

Bottom Line

Now, as you have gone through the recent washroom trends, I hope you choose the best for your washroom. Do read all the points again when you wish to upgrade your washroom.

Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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