The 5 Best TV Shows of This Decade

This decade has witnessed the peak of cinema and television. From breathtaking dramas to rib-tickling comedies, we have been enthralled with some great story-telling and entertainment.

The glut of these great stories has earned accolades and riches like never before. And it is not just because of the increasing marketplace but because of the creative freedom different platforms provide. The industry is no more limited to America.  This has pushed creators to become more daring and innovative to get their work the attention it needs.


The level of excellence on the small screen in this past decade is astounding. Using the words of the FX chief, John Landgraf – this truly is the gilded age of television. With various platforms arriving at the scene, today you can find a series for every single one of your desires. With so much content circulating, counting out a handful of the best shows is more difficult than you can comprehend. So, if you don’t find your favorite show here, don’t be disheartened but definitely have these on your watchlist. You won’t be disappointed.

The Leftovers


HBO (2014-2017)

Cast: Justin Theroux, Christopher Eccleston, Amy Brenneman, Chris Zylka, Carrie Coon


Recklessly reinventing entertainment is one of the powers of television. And no show this past decade has done it better than “Leftovers.” Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, this surreal drama is a straight-forward story that imagines the mass cultural psychosis after 2% of the world’s population vanishes. The show will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and will leave you engrossed into a world of thoughts. If 150 million people suddenly vanish one day, where would that leave you? Then is it so far-fetched to imagine miracles, messiahs, or even resurrections?  The eccentric story-line paired with great acting and character work has made “Leftovers” a must-watch series of the decade.



FX (2016-Present)

Cast: Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield, Zazie Beets

Name one thing Donald Glover can’t do. He is a writer, actor, singer, director, and whatnot. “Atlanta” is another of the Glover’s masterpieces. It is a comedy where a broke Princeton dropout has pinned his hopes to managing his cousin Paper Boi, an up and coming rapper.


The show is most times hilarious and always thought-provoking. Each episode will take you through a world well-knit by Glover. The show’s commentary on class, the entertainment industry, and race are always on point. Above all, you get to witness great artists giving the performances of their careers.



Amazon Prime Video (2016-2019)

Cast: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford, Olivia Colman, Jenny Rainsford, Andrew Scott


One of the most riveting shows you’ll find on television. Its second season opens with Fleabag looking at herself in the mirror as her face bleeds. That sums up the brilliant writing, acting, and direction of this series. The show is about a dry-witted woman who has no filter and is trying to cope up with love, life, and tragedy. This clever and viciously funny series encompasses the life of one single woman’s existence. The character first introduces herself as a woman in control of her life. But cracks soon start to appear. Fleabag is one show you must watch. It will give you a new perspective on life.



HBO (2011-2013)

Cast: Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Sarah Burns


It brings out one of the best stories I’ve seen in a long time. There is this one dialogue of Tyler that I couldn’t get out of my head – “Now only hope hurts.” It is such a small thing to say but takes you to a different place altogether. This classic though only two seasons old is a definite must-watch.

It is a work of precise craftsmanship that brings out a beautiful balance between two very different classics – the chronic love and heartedness of “Deadwood” and the mastery and visual style of “Breaking Bad.” Although not everyone’s cup of tea, Enlightened is a show I urge everyone to watch.

BoJack Horseman


Netflix (2014-2020)

Cast: Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul


Netflix still young in its years showed BoJack Horseman the light of the day a half a decade ago. Ahead of its time back then? Yes, probably. But what a great show? This Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s animated comedy stars an alcoholic horse. Ever had that thought where you wanted to spend your night binge-watching an alcoholic horse doing comedy. Well, anyway, it is worth it. The ways in which the show’s protagonist, BoJack weeds through the wreckages in his life is both compassionate and alarming. From great dogs for protection to alcoholic horses, the content sure has taken a huge leap.

Final Thoughts

These shows will walk you through some great stories and thoughts. The decade has witnessed some great content and creative freedom which has revolutionized the industry. We can only hope that the next decade vouches to bring us more. If you haven’t been able to watch these shows, I suggest you find some time and watch them.

Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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