The Most Deadly 007 Portrayals With the Highest Kill Count

The Most Deadly 007 Portrayals With the Highest Kill Count

The famous James Bond has been spreading his deadly charm to audiences since ‘Dr. No’ released in 1963. Sean Connery played the first ever personified Bond and there haven’t been manywho have gotten the priceless, yet daunting opportunity to play the coveted character of the secret service spy. As a matter of fact only 6 have yet played the spy out of Ian Fleming’s creation. Bond is always shown to be calm even under the toughest of situations. Visit Men’s Journal to see how delta 8 can help you too in more or ;ess the same manner.

The thing that dictates terms to how and who the new James Bond should be, is whether to set the character up to what the original writer Ian Fleming intended to be or should the character develop as time progresses and bring a fresher perspective.

A breeze of fresh air never hurt anyone and that fresh point of view to the character has been brought to light by many of the newer Bonds. But we won’t just be talking about how well the character was played, but also how deadly he was.

Because talking about characterisation can be purely subjective, we’ve brought objectivity to how we measure each actor. Let us see how many bodies have been piled by each new Bond, we are including all movies before ‘No Time To Die’.

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6. George Lazenby

Our hearts really do go out to Lazenby, for he only features in one James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Service”, but he’s Australian as well so that is pretty weird for Bond too. Anyhow, he did his role justice and his performance was one of the better movies of the 60s.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • 6 kills per movie
  • A kill every 23 minutes and 33 seconds
  • 6 kills in total

5. Timothy Dalton

Another sorry story comes aboard with Timothy Dalton as his stint for the 007 role was severely cut short because of legal issues regarding production. He even brought out a more Fleming-esque Bond to his character and his movies were toned down drastically when compared to the likes of Roger Moore, his predecessor.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • 10 kills per movie
  • A kill every 13 minutes and 15 seconds
  • 20 kills in total

4. Sean Connery

The first Bond and probably your mother’s / grandmother’s favorite Bond no matter what comes by. Sean Connery donned the character and rode along with it with effortless ease. His Scottish persona and Vodka Martini have been etched in everyone’s memory. With the best part of the 60s to his name as Bond, Connery got hands on with many villainous characters and their henchmen.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • 11 kills per movie
  • A kill every 10 minutes 35 seconds
  • 68 kills in total

3. Roger Moore

The man with the longest tenure as James Bond spanning over a decade, Roger Moore brought about probably the funkiest of times as the special agent. Who can forget him disguised as a clown as he diffuses a bomb! With all that said and done, he still got to work with the bad guys.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • 17 kills per movie
  • A kill every 7 minutes and 32 seconds
  • 121 kills in total

2. Pierce Brosnan

The man with the Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan, brought a completely different life to the secret agent. His charming Irish looks not only brought a new face but also a lot of the ‘ladies man’ charm as did Connery had earlier. He had the role for 7 years and boy did he make most of it in all regards.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • – 26 kills per movie
  • – A kill every 4 minutes and 55 seconds
  • – 103 kills in total

1. Daniel Craig

The crowd lost it when it was revealed that there was now going to be a blond Bond. But Craig silenced each and every one of his critics with an impeccable delivery as 007. By far the grittiest and most browbeat portrayal of James Bond, Daniel Craig has shouldered the responsibility to more than just fabulous. He also has been the bloodiest and most ruthless of all the Bonds. It is probably the grit coming into play.

Here are what his statistics and kill count look like –

  • – 59 kills per movie
  • – A kill every 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • – 235 kills in total


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