Top Modern Jewelry Trends That Have Become Classics

Some jewelry trends are here to stay and the best part is that they arrive in style and before you know, the trend spreads like a virus. Others seem to like the trend so much that it becomes a part of their collective conscience. The effect of such trends builds slowly and then leaves an ever-lasting impact. Now, if you look at the current jewelry trends, inclusive of rainbow charms, hoop earrings, and talismans – all these trends were in the cradle a few years ago. However, they have proven their mirth and look like they are here to leave a stronger impact on the modern world. So, let’s begin by taking a look at the modern and classic jewelry trends one by one.


Rainbow Gems

Minimalistic jewelry with dainty features will always hold a special place in our jewelry box. And the good news is rainbow gems perfectly fit the category of minimalistic jewelry. The trend is such that it will light up your eyes as soon as you lay your hands on them. Each jewel is placed side by side with varied colored patterns. The rainbow hues from the jewelry piece stand out and fittingly impact the interest of the buyer. Not only this but rainbow gems are very easy to carry and wear. In fact, when the trend first appeared, it ruled the hearts of many women. And the matter of fact is that since the beginning of time colored jewelry has dominated the world of jewelry from time to time.


Lucky Charms

There is no doubt that charms have become modern classics. You see lucky charms add personality and individuality, which, in turn, is highly symbolic. In the world of jewelry, where people are trying to stay ahead of the competition, lucky charms have come as a new personalized concept. And the good news is, charms are versatile and they look great when the wearer tries to mix and match it with other pieces of jewelry. In fact, many top jewelers have added charms to their jewelry collection in the past few years. Now, it cannot be a coincidence, since the introduction of lucky charmers, 75 designers have come up with lucky charmers in their jewelry collection. So, as we are on the cusp of 2020, it is safe to say that charms are a part of the modern jewelry era.


Hoop Earrings

My personal favorite and I have seen this trend flourishing rapidly over the years. Hoop earrings were introduced to me by a friend and to my surprise I see myself wearing them every now and then. Be it a casual meeting in the office, a date night or a casual day out. You can wear hoop earrings to any occasion. To be honest, the trend first emerged back in the 80s and there are very few jewelry trends that can establish themselves truly.


For instance take the trend of flared jeans, who knew this trend would flatter everyone as it did back in the 70s and 80s. This is to say that hoop earrings have come back with a bang. Whether over-sized or small, they never fail to disappoint anyone. The trend is much more established now. In my personal opinion, more and more hooped earrings will appear in 2020. Be it diamond-embellished or pearl-embellished, or a simple rose gold hoop earrings, there is one thing that I can say with affirmation. Hoop earrings have entered the modern, classic jewelry trend.



Talismans have been a part of the human race since time immemorial. In the early days, talismans were used as protective elements. For example, protection against evil, for healing purposes and also to bring luck. Talisman symbols range from the evil eye to hamsa and zodiac sun signs. Interestingly, some countries use stones like emerald and ruby to ward off evil energies. This is to say that jewelry is also a big part of the astrological front. However, the main question is, are talismans a part of the modern trend or not? Well, let’s find out. Check out local shops for jewelry Pittsburgh to find some unique hand-crafted designs.


If we look at the modern world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the current world is topsy-turvy. People more than ever are looking for opportunities to seek solace and comfort. With talismanic jewelry, the impact is quite powerful. The wearer’s belief, ambition, and passion speak a lot more than just a piece of jewelry embedded with talismans. Above all else, I personally feel that talismans have become a classic trend. People now-a-days fixate on the idea of wearing something that brings solace without altering the idea of style.

Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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