Why Go To Croatia?

One of the fastest-growing holiday destinations’ is the Game Of Thrones aided Croatia. It is not just the boost from the world’s most popular show that aided them. It was also their stellar world cup run and their quest to be completely green in the coming years. one of the only nations to say this with certainty.


Once an isolated backwater, Croatia has now transformed into one of Eastern Europe’s Rivera. Between the stunning miles of pristine white beaches and the dramatic cliffs of the Dalmatian coast, Croatia houses islands, waterfalls, and mountains. Even from a lifestyle perspective, nothing comes close to Croatia. It is all about the good life of wine, food and an amazing atmosphere in comparison to other more expensive European nations.


The Beaches

Croatian beaches are not like your traditional sand beaches, they instead picturesque pebbled beaches, framed by crystal clear water. Hidden coves with fig and olive trees are what put Croatia on the map. Some well-known beaches are Zlatni Rat, also called the golden Cape, is famous thanks to its ever-changing shape due to the wind and water. But if commercial beaches are not your thing, you can always rent a boat from Hvar to enjoy Stiniva bay. Other hidden spots in Croatia are Nugal. which is just south of Makarska.


Diving & Snorkeling

With clear water everywhere traveling without exploring the sea is a wasted opportunity. Even though it is not like the Caribbean it still has an amazing stone and pebble coastline that has great underwater visibility. Couple that with the area’s rich history you have got yourself shipwrecks of wine and olive oil cargo and also recent warships. Other famous diving spots include the Te Vega Sea Lake, only accessible by an underwater tunnel and the Blue Cave with a yellow coral reef.


Wine, Wine and wineries

Since the first day, ancient Greeks were known to grow wine on the island of Dalmatia which has been the crowning jewel of Croatia. The places to go for wine are Istria and Peljesac. Most wine cultivated is white but the red is not too bad either. Beyond just getting samples you can also follow vineyard trails and cellar tours and actually see the faces behind the wine. The added advantage is that if you see something you like you can easily snag a bottle from the produces where it will be considerably cheaper.


Dubrovnik is a Dream

Quite possibly the most charming city in Europe has to be Dubrovnik. Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” you need to experience this city just once to be mesmerized by it. This walled, seaside wonder has it all: centuries-old forts surrounding a breathtaking old town, scenic walks with views of the cliffs and the sea and a famous collection of baroque buildings on the marble streets. You take a cable car to the peak of Mount Srd and sit at the coffee shop on top to marvel in the sights of the blue Adriatic Sea and nearby islands. Many of Game of Thrones filming locations are also around if that is more your vibe.


National Parks

For being the size that Croatia is it has massive national parks. About 8 of them all bursting with amazing biodiversity at the seams. But if there is one that is for sure unmissable it is the UNESCO-listed Plitvice Lakes, National Park. As the name suggests the park has stunning lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. It is often called Europe’s most breathtaking natural wonder. Sixteen lakes electric blue Lakes inhabit a forested canyon, interconnected by waterfalls and easy to hike trails. If you are more a water person you have the option to row across the waters for an immersive experience.


Capital Coffee and Museums

Zagreb is considered to be a world away from the islands and an undeniable charm. The city also has a bustling coffee culture and has some fabulous cafes to back it. This is one city that takes its coffee very seriously. If you are already in Zagreb it is a good idea to head to one of its quirky museums. The museum of broken relationships features mundane items leftover from relationships and the story behind them. A trip to this museum will make you feel a spectrum of emotions, including love, pain, drama, irony, humor, and reconciliation.



Croatia is a place which isn’t one that will burn a hole in your pocket. When you decide the perfect time to leave for this stunning European country I’m sure you will be spellbound.

Betty is a part time arts student and a full time Netfix Junkie. She travels along the east coast to set up art installations for her audience. She loves to play with colors and incorporates this theory in everything she does. Betty is often on the lookout for new TV series, movies and food trends in her free time.

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